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  • Guangdong Steady Testing & Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd?
    Expert in Power transfer system
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    Guangdong Steady Testing & Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd?
    Address:Plant 5,Keyi Industrial Park,20 Xinyue Rd.,Daliang,Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong
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    Company profile

                 Detroit Technologies Innovation LLC

    Guangdong Steady Testing & Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd (DTI-Asia)

           Detroit technologies innovation LLC (DTI America), located in Detroit, the American Automobile City, has been serving many American automobile manufacturers and auto parts suppliers in the Americas. DTI team has more than 20 years of experience in R & D, design, manufacturing and application of automotive powertrain offline test bench. Its test bench has been applied to the engine, transmission and axle factories of famous multinational companies such as American General Motors (and Shanghai General Motors), Ford, Chrysler, American axle (AAM), Magna, tremec, Metaldyne, etc
           As the Asian headquarters of DTI, DTI Asia has carried out a global strategic layout and has an independent R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales technical team. In addition, in order to provide customers with the most professional and reliable services from the United States, steed company is also equipped with DTI core technical directors and technical teams who have passed DTI professional training, so as to arrive at the site and provide technical support within 24 hours in Asia. The US DTI team also participates in the determination of key technical indicators, conceptual design review and the provision of test software platform support for all steed projects
         Over the years, DTI and DTI Asia have provided customers with customized test equipment and test schemes with professional technical team and advanced and innovative test technology, which has been supported and recognized by well-known automobile manufacturing and parts manufacturers all over the world, and has been promoting the upgrading and development of the global automobile manufacturing industry. They are willing to make progress with us

    The purpose of the company is to develop advanced testing technology, improve the on-line testing level of automobile production, improve automobile performance and grade, cultivate automobile testing talents, optimize regional industrial structure, develop high technology and protect the environment

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